Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Me at the Cafe

Good Evening! My friend Susie Smith's birthday is on Friday and I made her birthday card tonight. I had decided that I wanted to use the My Favorite Things stamp set called Meet Me at the Cafe. I love the "Who's that girl?" line of stamps that they have and had put some sets on my wish list for Christmas and Jenna got them for me. She liked this set so much that she ordered it for herself too! It has all sorts of fun accessories that you can stamp to go with it. For this card I used the birthday cake, stamped on 2 candles, and stamped the gift that is sitting on the floor. This will be us tomorrow as I am taking Susie to Coloma to the coffee house, and Diane is going with us, and I hope we can sit outside. We will also stop at the scrapbook store in Coloma. It should be a fun day. I knew this set would work good for the Our Creative Corner Sketch Challenge so decided to play along.
I found a package of the cute little purple rosebuds at St. Vinnie's on Monday. We had a girls day out on Monday and decided to put one of them on top of the bow on this card. Carol, Diane, Beth, and I took Taffy to the vet early on Monday morning and then headed to Marshfield for the the day and to Rapids and we had a fun time! Today I had to go back to the Rapids to pick Taffy up from being fixed and declawed. They said she was really good. I was thinking....hmmmm....are you sure you have got the right cat!?!?!? But Taffy does like to be with people so she probably was good. Kind of like when your kids are little and they behave better for someone else than they do you. The gal told me that usually when they take the bandages off there feet that they bite or nip at them because it hurts but that Taffy just sat there and let her unwrap them. She said, she is such a good kitty. She was probably thinking that she had better behave because who knows what they will do to me next if I don't!!!! LOL It did make me kind of sick to see her poor little paws. I just kept thinking, what have I done to her. But I had her in the carrier on the front seat on the way home and she licked her paws almost the whole car ride and she wasn't acting like it hurt her at all. She does walk carefully and she hasn't been running or jumping around. She is pretty subdued but I think that she is glad to be home. She has disappeared upstairs and has only appeared one time since she has been home. I think she is upstairs napping in my closet. One her hiding places!

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