Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Many Mower's with Parisan Breeze DSP

Hello! It has been a whirl wind weekend and week! Jenna, Antonio, and Diana were here over the weekend. They arrived right after I got done at the flea market on Saturday. We went to Splash for dinner Saturday night. Sunday morning Diana and I went down to the flea market and met up with my sister Lenore and niece Brooke. We visited and looked around a bit and then visited some more with Sarah, Zach, and my Mom. Diana and I then headed over to Oxford to the Wilson farm for a Father's Day picnic that Jenna had organized, along with a surprise 50th birthday party for her dad. All the Wilson kids, and grand kids were home, and a great aunt and uncle. We had some sprinkles but it was a very nice day. We had tons of food and boy was it yummy. I took lot's of pictures and will get them sent out one of these days. Sarah and Zach brought over lots of extra flower's from the landscaping business and everyone got to pick out what they wanted to take home. Every one was making "piles" and it was like Christmas. It was a very fun day. Jenna and Antonio headed back to Milwaukee, and Diana and I headed back here. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway at the farm she said to me...."NO PARENTS...YES". I laughed as once again I realized that another kid didn't consider me an adult! LOL Too funny...and of course I love it! She does know that I am an adult at bedtime though as she doesn't want to go to bed no matter how late it is. But I stand firm, and she gives up quick. We have been having a fun time. We went to Madison on Monday to my spine clinic appointment. Lady Di came with us. I guess they caught Nadine sleeping in the chair in the waiting room. And she was glad it wasn't me as she knew I would have shot a picture and it would have been on here! LOL My appointment went well and I don't have to go back for 18 months. The only bad thing is that I have a large bone spur that is right above where I had my neck surgery. They won't do anything with it at this point until they have to go in for something else or I start developing more problems. After the appointment we went for Chinese, stopped at Walmart in Baraboo, and then made a run through Culver's drive through in Wi Dells. I attempted a nap after getting home but got woke up twice by the phone and gave up on that. I planted my flower's from the kids, and then Diana and I went over to see my mom and dad (for father's day). And my air conditioning went out. That will be fixed tomorrow morning. Today Diana has spent the day stamping and doesn't really want to go home now as she is making cards for all of her family members. I got a short nap in today before getting woke up by the phone. While I was sleeping she was checking out all my drawer's of stamping stuff and had figured out where everything was for this card she wanted to duplicate! She didn't take anything out. Just asked me if she could make it. And she has been very good about putting things away after she uses it today. Hopefully I will be able to find it later....lol
Today's card feature's the stamp set Many Mower's and the Parisan Breeze DSP. I just love that paper and am so sad it is retiring but To The Nine's is very similiar so I will be getting that one! Have a good night! Keep Cool! And I hope on these blistering days you are staying in stampin for the Troops!!!!

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