Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today's thrifty finds!

Today started out with a run to Lake Delton and back to drop my son-in-law Antonio off at work.  Jenna was having a little Christmas gathering with her dad and Heather, Sarah, and Les and Anita Wilson and family at her house and she wanted extra time to get things ready.  When I got back to town, I decided to walk around Practical Cents and get the kinks out of my back.  I got a bag of really cute clothes for Mason and Valentina.  They were running their $6.00 per bag special today.  Here are some of my other finds:

 I found some new in the package green sheets that go nicely with my bed spread.  If I bought new sheets in the store at some point, I was planning on buying a lavender color, but these will be nice too.  The picture doesn't show the color quite right, they are more of a pear color.  Oh, and by the way Corinne, you mentioned in a comment on a previous post that you liked my bedspread.  I got it at Walmart in Lake Delton.  Some Walmarts have it, and some don't, so if you want to pick it up and can't find it at first, try another one.  I also have the matching shams for it.  The sheers that I have behind my chocolate brown room darkening curtains are the same color as the sheets.  At some point in time, I plan on putting Christmas lights behind the sheers.  I saw this done on Pinterest with gold sheers and it looks awesome.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have really needed sheers but I bought them for this purpose, and also so that if I want the curtains open while sewing or doing book work in there, people can't see in during the day walking by on the sidewalk.  That doesn't happen much, but it just gives me a little more privacy.

 The next deal of the day was this purse, which looks brand new for $2 bucks!  I especially liked how it had these nice dividers in it.  When I have had divider purses in the past, they usually have zippers, and I can never remember what I put where, and I waste so much time digging around in the purse.  So I think this one will work out nicely.  With the dollars saved.....I can buy more yarn, material, or crafting supplies!!!  :-D  The important things in life!
 I am totally in love with this piece!!!  My plan is to print out wallet size photo's, mount them on card stock and make mini little scrapbook pages (or as some of the stampers know this term, ATC's, also known as artist trading cards.  They are the size of baseball cards, and are mini works of art that are traded.  I may add some quote's too.  We will see.  Once I get it finished, I will do another post about it and show you the finished product.  I may spray paint this in the summer time to match my other things too.  
Isn't the wire wrapping cool on this!?!?!? It adds such nice detail to it.  I just love it!!!!

My vehicle was blocked in when I got back to Jenna's so I joined the Christmas celebration and it was nice to see everyone.  Les and Anita left to go bowling, and Lennard and Heather went home, so it was down to Jenna, Mason, Valentina, Sarah, Jacqueline, Britney, Adam, Ben, and me.  We had hot chocolate watching the Tim Allen Santa Clause movie.  That was fun, and I didn't get home till after seven.  It seems like every day is Christmas lately.  What a fun time!

I am waiting for little Miss Diana to come.  She is watching the kids for Jenna tonight.  I get a break!!!  And then Jenna will drop her off here when they get back to town and Diana is going to spend the night with me and the day with me tomorrow.  I wonder what kind of mischeif, I mean fun, we will get into!  I hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend!  Much love....Elaine

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