Thursday, December 6, 2012

Black Earwarmers

Black Ear warmers.  It buttons in the back of the neck and is adjustable.  This pair is spoken for.
A crazy busy day today.  First thing this morning I met with the fingerless gloves people and I am going to make some adjustments to the pattern as the person has very tiny hands but they are happy with how they turned out.  So I will be starting on more of them soon.

I came back home and balanced the church checkbook, then went over to Jenna's and I took their van and took Antonio to work for her as she was having a high school friend over today for a play date.  So I made a quick trip to Kalahari and back.  Next stop was at the church to pick up bills that need to be paid and to discuss a few things.

I made some lunch after I got home, took a break, decided that I needed a nap, and eventually I got one after the phone quick ringing!  LOL  It was one of those days!  I really needed the little one that I got though as I did not sleep well last night, had a headache, and was tired.

Tonight was Yackette's which I probably haven't went to for a year and a half so it was great to see everyone and catch up on things.  We had supper at the Wooden Nickel in Grand Marsh.  I had a chicken basket and it was pretty good.  Sandy Mc Clain surprised us all with gift bags filled with goodies.  What an unexpected and pleasant surprise!  Thank you Sandy!

I came back home for about forty five minutes, then headed over to Jenna's to baby sit the munchkins!  They were both in bed when I got there so Grammie had a quiet evening crocheting and I started and finished a hat that I am making for Kellyn, Carol Camp's grand daughter.  I just need to finish the flower and attach it and it will be all done.  Carol knitted a scarf for KK with this yarn, and I made two little flowers two put on it last month.  I guess KK will be in a Frosty the snowman school play and the kids are suppose to wear hats and scarves and they want KK to wear Carol's scarf, and they wanted a hat to match it.  So I am happy that project is almost finished, and I just have all the fingerless gloves to make and then can start on some projects I would like to make before Christmas.  We'll see how far I get!  I am hoping that Erin will take a picture of KK in the hat.  She is such a cutie....I am sure she will look adorable in it!  See ya later alligator!

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  1. See your black ear warmer hat, reminded me that I wanted to tell you why I did not buy one from you. I think I said that day of the Taste and Tour that I had one which was too small. You told me that it should be buttoned in the back. So even though I saw one of yours that I liked, I decided I should try and put the one I had bought last year on the right way before buying another one. Well, I came home and put it on and buttoned it in the back and it fits just fine! I was told when I bought it, that it should buttone under the chin! So, thanks for showing and telling me how they should be worn. I still do like that varigated one I saw that you made though! It would have gone with both my blue jacket that I had on that day and also a raspberry longer winter jacket that I have. Oh well.