Sunday, December 9, 2012

My pillow display....pillows I donated to the church.

This is the display that Carol and I set up at church on Thursday.  These are all pillows that I made and donated to the church.  The proceeds from the pillow sales will go towards paying off the parsonage loan.  It is Immanuel Lutheran Church in Adams, 80th anniversary next year and we would like to pay off the mortgage before October so that we don't have to refinance it.  We are planning a "Mortgage Burning party" for October 2013.  I have been a member of Immanuel for about 32 years, and went to church there for about five years before coming a member when I got married in 1981.  I am currently the Church Treasurer.  I hope the pillows sales are successful and that a lot of money goes towards paying off the debt!

It is so nice when people leave comments.  You don't feel like you are talking to yourself when you receive a comment!  One very good comment leaver is my friend Corrine Gusloff from Illinois.  A lot of times Corrine will ask a question and I usually try to work the answer into the next blog post that I do!  On yesterday's post, Corrinne asked if Lighthouse Books and Let's Create are in Plover.  No, Corrinne, they are both in WI Rapids.  It is a nice little circle for us to go to Rapids, and then to Plover and back home again.  It would be the same for you when you are at the cottage in Coloma, and I am sure that you and Kari would enjoy both stores as they are very nice!  Diane and I love going to them.

I had a real laid back day today.  Diane popped in this morning for a bit, but other wise I just rested as I am in a flare up and I am trying to get my body calmed backed down if possible.  I was suppose to be set up at a craft show today, and I did not go due to being in too much pain, and I also am cancelling for next Saturday too.  :-(  Oh well, I got to do a couple of them and that is the main thing.  I worked on the fingerless gloves again today, and went to Jenna's for supper.  I worked on a pair of mittens for Mason over there and I finished one mitten, and I am started on the other one.  Time to hit the hay and hope that tomorrow is a better day!   I think all the weather changes aren't helping things either!   Love, Elaine

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions Elaine. I am always shocked to see my name in print! Kari and I have not been to Wisconsin Rapids for a long, long time. Did go to a couple of quilt shops there long ago. I hope you are able to sell all of your pillows for the church. What a nice thing to do! Take good care of yourself. I think canceling out on the last two craft shows was the best thing for your health. Rest and get better. Today we are having a fine rain and it is pretty miserable outside. Not good for our "arthur" that is for sure. Need to get to the craft room and finish my Christmas cards. Can't seem to get ahead of the game this year.
    Hope you feel better. Corrine Ann