Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis the Season...

I saw this on Pinterest tonight and I thought this was me to a tee!  LOL  My table next to me is always full of projects, the laptop, kleenex, cup holder, the phone, remotes, a book, perhaps an empty plate, or bowl....I live in my recliner and this work area.  In all reality...there is never dust on it, as it never has time to settle on it!!!!  :-D

A busy day with lots of commotion.  The day started out with phone calls about church business, Carol stopped over, my friend Mike from Germany called, then Lady Di was over.  Di and I made a plan that  I should come over.  I quick made a sandwich that was my lunch at 4pm. then headed down to the flea market to pick up some things out of my storage unit.  I made a quick stop at Practical Cents to see if they had any yarn, and there really wasn't any thing there except for a few small balls.  So no yarn today which was fine.  But....I did find a new tupperware bell tumbler (no lid), the kind of cup my kids learned to drink out of, so that made it's way into my cart, and a bag of little toys for the grand kids.  I am sure they will be thrilled as there are some little trains, airplanes, and cars with cartoon characters in them, and I saw one with  Oscar the Grouch.  So I need to get those washed up (although they look clean, I always soak them in the sink) before the little munchkins arrive again.  Which will probably be soon as Jenna said that the last two days that they got in the car, Mason is asking if they are going to Grams house.

I worked on the last pair of fingerless gloves today at Di's while she was making Christmas candy, I got to be the taste tester... so now my orders are all done!  Yeah!!!!!  And by the way, the candy was fantastic.  Lady Di is a very good cook!

Time for this chick to hit the hay!  Elaine

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