Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An unexpected gift

I had a pleasant surprise today.  My building maintenance man brought me this gift of chocolate today.  For those of you who have been to my apartment, you probably have seen the sign on my porch that Sarah gave me that says "If you are not selling chocolate, get the hell off my porch!"  Sarah and her ex husband Zach, found it garage saling last spring and gave it to me for Mother's Day as a joke (along with baskets full of beautiful flowers).  They said when they saw it that they burst out laughing and knew they had to get it for me.  It is a well know fact that I love my chocolate and I about died laughing when they gave it to me.

I had asked permission to put it up as I didn't want anyone to be offended by it, and he said sure and thought it was very funny and has been teasing me since that he was going to bring me some chocolate.  Well today was the day....a very pleasant surprise!  :-)


  1. Oh this is great! I sure would love a couple of those candy bars to give to my son-in-law and grandson, who are hunters. They did each get their deer those this year, but it still would be funny for them to open at Christmas. Corrine

    1. Corrine, when I flipped the candy bar over, it had a price tag on it from Ace Hardware. Maybe you can find them at a store near you!

    2. Thanks Elaine, we have an Ace Hardware store right here in Winnebago! Guess I had better go and check it out.