Monday, December 10, 2012

Mittens for Mason

Today was pretty much a rest day.  I slept most of it.  I woke up this afternoon to the sound of the little neighbor boys laughing and squealing.  They were having a snow ball fight.  Such happy noise!  I did finish Mason's mittens today while watching Chicago Code on Netflixs.  I am finishing the 13 episode and will be sad when it is done.  Just like a good book, I get attached to the characters.  Another series I just finished was the Forsytht Saga.  That was good too.  I started on some booties for Valentina this evening and had thought that I would get them finished but I didn't touch my crocheting tonight while babysitting as Mason was still awake when I arrived.  He fell asleep in my arms about 15 minutes later watching Finding Nemo.  I had just got him to sleep and Valentina woke up crying so I had to go up stairs and bring her down.  I am always thankful to get down those stairs carrying her with out stairs are steep and I sure hate them!  I am so thankful that my apartment doesn't have any stairs, and that everything is on the ground level.  So nice!!!!  Any who... I spent the rest of the evening rocking, soothing her, and keeping her asleep. She was kind of sleeping fitfully but by the time Jenna and Antonio got home she was sleeping soundly and Jenna was able to take her up and lay her back down in the crib.  I guess the roads were pretty slick when Jenna first started out.  She said they were really bad till she got to Hwy E.  They have decided that it is better to drive on worse roads than to be on the interstate as people drive so nutsy on there.

Sarah called today and invited me to come down either tomorrow or Tuesday as she is going to be working on scarecrows and last year I helped them with them one day and enjoyed it so much.  But I am not going to be able to.  I was starting to feel a little better but carrying the kids tonight has set me back again.  :-(  Oh well....hopefully if I lay low now, I will be able to go next time she asks.

If you will be on the road tomorrow, take it slow, and drive safe!  Hugs!  Elaine
Mittens for Mason  

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