Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Frog Prince lovey

This the a frog prince lovey blanket that I recently finished to give to Mason for Christmas.  I am working on a giraffe for Valentina right now.
Here is a closeup shot of the head.  I think he will really like it as he has a train movie that has a Frog prince in it.
It is kind of hard to see but it has a cute little crown on top of the frog's head.
In this picture I have him in a different pose, sitting propped up on my bed.

I spent the day and evening at Jenna's today.  Our Diana is here now and we are all so happy about that.  So very nice to have all my grand kids home and in one spot!  If I think of it, I will try to remember to take the camera along and get a picture of all three of them together.  Valentina took a dive off the bed yesterday onto a pile of pillows Jenna had on the floor by it, so it softened her landing and she didn't get hurt, but her nose hit the carpet and she has a nasty rug burn on it.  As Jenna says...just in time for Christmas!  Typical kid.  I told her that Valentina and I can be a matching pair as my lower lip is all swollen at the moment with about 4 or 5 blisters from wanna be canker sores.  :-(  Bummer....and they are sore!  I am not sure what caused this break out.  Sometimes I will get them in the summer time from eating too many tomato's.  Maybe it has been the brandy slushes!?!?!?!?  Hee Hee.  Any who, as I told Jen, I am not giving them up, so I will have to suffer!  :-)  Have a great day!  Elaine


  1. This little froggy blanket is very cute! I can understand why Mason would love it! I also like your quited spread and pillows Elaine. I like lavender and was hoping to find something like you have for our spare bedroom. If it turns up missing, I have it!

  2. Ha ha....guess I will know where to look!