Sunday, December 23, 2012

So thoughtful!

Hello everyone-  I hope by now that everyone is shoveled out from the big snow storm!  For those of you not in Wisconsin.  We got hit pretty good on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday, Jenna brought me this beautiful poinsettia plant.  I don't think I have ever seen one this color before.  The leaves are shades of purple, white, and green.  Just gorjus!  And she gave me the most special card that I will treasure forever.  When I thanked her for it, she said "I meant every word of it mom!"  Very sweet...indeed!
We decided on Wednesday that I should stay over at Jen's and be "snowed in" there.  So I had lots of snuggle time with the babies, lots of brandy slush :-), and we watched some Christmas movies.  A very nice time.  I decided to go home on Thursday night as I wanted to sleep in my own bed.  I had slept the night before in the recliner.  Poor little Mason, cried his eyes out when I left.  He said can't...over and over again.  It is great to be so loved, but it also made me sad too.  As when he is sad, I am too.  One of the great things about both the grand kids is that you can pop in and leave, come back a little while later or still be there after they take a nap, and they are "thrilled" to see you again.  It is so sweet, and makes me feel so loved!
With all this snow, I am especially happy to be here in my apartment where they clean all the sidewalks right up to you door, and on your little porch for you, and they keep the parking lot plowed.  So very nice not to have to worry about doing those things you are unable to do.
I am working away on some Christmas presents.  Knowing me...I probably will be right up until Christmas!  But we aren't having our Christmas till the 27th so that everyone can be there, so I have a little extra time!  Have a holly, jolly Christmas!  Love, Elaine

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