Sunday, December 30, 2012

From Trash to Treasure!

For those of you who read yesterday's post, you will recall that I found this photo holder at the thrift shop yesterday.  Well, I was so excited about it that last night I printed out a bunch of pictures and today I worked on filling it up.  I am tickled about how it turned out.  As the old saying goes....Another one's another one's treasure!!!!

And here are close ups of the individual photos:

It was a fun project that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Working with photo's and scrapbook type projects are one of my favorite things to do.
Along with eating brownies that Diana Dominguez bakes for us. Ha Ha~  Have a great week!!!  Elaine


  1. I really like this photo holder Elaine! Beautiful pictures and such a joy to be able to see them every day! I love looking at my family pictures every that are out. Your photo holder is perfect and you can change and update them when you want too! You sure do find the "good stuff" at Pracical Cents! I still have not stopped there since they moved to the nicer place. I keep telling Kari we should check it out sometime and have lunch with you. Am going to try for that this year. Kari also has great luck at resale shops. She finds most of her clothes and coats at Goodwill in Portage! Last year I was looking for a white sweater and could not find what I wanted. After we had come home from the lake, one day I received a package from her with two white sweaters in it, one being a zip up sweater. They appeared to have been never worn! She had washed them and they were ready for me to wear. A nice surprise! Happy New Year!

    1. As always Corrine, it is so good to hear from you! I love looking at pictures of the people I love every day too. I so enjoy the divided wood frame that I have in the kitchen with family pictures in it! I am on the hunt for another one to redo!
      What a pleasant surprise for you to get the package from Kari. Those type of surprises are the BEST! Kari is such a thoughtful person, as you are. I sure do hope that you two make it over here one day. I would love to have lunch with the two of you.