Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kellyn's hat

I finished the flower for Kellyn's hat this morning.  Carol is so happy with it.  She can't wait to see KK in it and has promised that she will have Erin take a picture of her in it so you all can see the little cutie pie!

Another busy day today.  I decided to donate my pillows to the church to be sold and all the proceeds will go towards paying off the parsonage loan.  So Carol and I were at the flea market digging them out and we set up a big table of them at the church.  I am hoping that we sell a lot of them and raise a lot of money for the church.

I had lunch with Jenna and the kids, made another trip to the flea market, Jenna's and to the church, plus stopped at Practical Cents and did the bag sale, and bought things for Antonio, Jenna, and the kids.  Gotta keep those babies cutely dressed!  :-D  Mason was especially excited about his new Oscar the grouch shirt, and pajama bottoms with dinosaurs on them. 

Saturday when I brought clothes for the kids, Antonio was there and he said, "You didn't get any clothes for Jenna or me?"   I guess he likes it when I find things for him too!  As Jenna said today, I am their little Santa.  I found a shirt for Antonio and a couple of pairs of black dress pants that hopefully will fit him.  He wears black pants to work and has asked me to look for them for him.

So that's about it for my adventures for today.  I got a much needed nap late this afternoon, and then started working on the fingerless gloves, and I have one just about finished.  Until tomorrow!  Elaine

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