Monday, December 24, 2012

Play day

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here.  My days just seem to fly by.  The older I get...the faster the calendar pages flip by, just like in the movies! 
My day started out with the fingerless glove order being picked up today.  I told Jenna that Mason could come and play today so she dropped him off later morning.  He was happy to be playing with the parking garage and tracks.  The best four dollars I ever spent.  It keeps him busy for hours.  AND...he loves Netflix as there are tons of Thomas the Train shows on it and other kid shows.  Of course he had to watch Thomas first, but later I got him watching the Peanuts gang, and he watched "I want a dog for Christmas" twice.  He was laughing out loud at some of Snoopy's antics!  He likes a Turtles Tale too as they have a turtle at their house.
I worked on sorting, filing, and cleaning up some paperwork and other odds and ends laying on my counter.  I was trying to find a check that I was missing, and I finally found it and some other mail, in a new crochet book I got about a month ago.  The minute I saw it, I remembered putting it in there to keep it in a safe place.  It was the first time, I couldn't find something at this place.  I hope it is the last time!!!   Tomorrow it is getting deposited before I lose it again!!!  LOL

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  1. I think I need to buy a pair of these gloves next year for my mail lady. Kari bought a pair at the Richford Craft sale for her mailman and duh, I did not even think I should have bought a pair for my mail lady! Did you ever think of getting into the Richford craft sale? I think it is the week before Taste and Tour, and is at Richford just outside of Coloma, so not too far to have to go. They could use some of your nice things there! Can't think of the proper name of the craft is held in the community building there. I will check out information with Kari as she may remember and let you know.