Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fingerless Gloves

I had a request for some fingerless gloves and here is the pair that I finished today.  I will meet with them tomorrow to see how they fit.  They want five pairs.  I also finished a headband today, and I will try and post a picture of that tomorrow. 
I am working on a Packer owl hat right now.  The hat is done, just need to work on the face and ears.
I am very tired.  I have two craft shows left to do.  This Saturday I will be at the Adams Village Apartments from 10 am to 1 pm.
Di and I went to Fort McCoy yesterday to renew her card.  It was very interesting to drive around in there and we were only in a small part of it.  The commissary was closed so we didn't get to go there as planned.  Perhaps another day.  But I did see where the State patrol trains, and the National Guard.  They had a big screen TV in the office we were in and it was showing all the things available on base and I was quite amazed by it all.   They definitely have their own little city there.  We went to Walmart and I did some Christmas shopping for the babies and picked up a few other things.  We decided to have lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken and they have a fabulous buffet.  I loved yummy!  Usually we go to the China Buffet when we are at Tomah.  Then we stopped at Aldi's and I did my grocery shopping for the month.  Always a big job, but nice to have it over with and things stocked up again!  Off to la la land....until tomorrow!  Elaine

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