Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Notepads

Sorry for the lack of blog posts last week.  It was a busy week.  I was either gone, sleeping, or working on the library scrapbook.  Monday night I had another digital stamping class here at the house.  Tuesday night was the first night of the Non-Fiction Book Club that I joined at the library.  We all read different books about the depression and we discussed different things we had read.
Next month our topic to read about is Pre-1850 Wisconsin history.  If you are interested in joining, our next meeting is on Tuesday, October 18th, at 6:30 at the library.
On Wednesday, I left dodge around 1:00 and I hit the thrift shop in the Dells, 3 in Reedsburg, and then went to a new yarn shop in Reedsburg and looked around.  I went to Sarah and Zach's and had supper with Sarah, and we visited during the evening, and I arrived back to Mayberry around 10:30 pm.
Thursday, after working on the scrapbook, I ran some errands, came home and made 3 pans of meat loaf and stuck them in the freezer.  Then I spent the evening out at Di's house with a bunch of stamping friends.  Di came up with a real cute project for us to do.  I need to finish the cover and then I will post a picture on here.
One of the treasures I found at the Dells thrift shop was a 5 blade shredding shear.  I used it to make the grass on these notebooks.  It works pretty cool.
Friday brought more working on the library scrap book, the daily naps, and I made 3 pans of meat-za-pie.  Two pans for the freezer and one of them I cooked up.  Delish!  One of my favorite meals!!!
Saturday morning, bright and early, I was up and headed to Madison to arrive there by 9 am to go to the stamping and rummage sale at the Scrapbook Superstore.  I came home with a big bag of goodies at dirt cheap prices.  The best deal was the Clip It Up I found.  I have it put together but need to fill it yet.  Di stopped over today to see all my goodies, so now I can get them put away.  I also stopped at Aldi's on the way home, and stocked up on some groceries.  After a nap, I worked on the library scrapbook in the evening.
Sunday, had me back at the flea market for a cold, rainy day.  We ended up going home early and were done by 2.  Another nap, and another evening of scrapbooking!

Today, I took the scrap book to the library board meeting to show them and give them an update on my progress on it.  They are very happy with the work I have done on it.  I will go back in January to their Christmas potluck and meeting and give them another update and show them the scrap book again.  I had chili going in the slow cooker today, and made a loaf of oatmeal bread in the bread machine.  Yum, Yum!
I decided that my cutting area needed cleaning up today in the stamping room.  I tend to cut for several months and the scraps pile up there.  A lot of times I fish things out of the pile and use them on projects I am working on, but it gets to the point that I can't stand it any more and it was time to clean it up.  So I set up shop on the dining room table, so I could watch TV while running scraps through the die cutting machine.  I have a little Sizzix side kick that I picked up a few years ago at a Scrap book garage sale in Madison for $2.00.  It is tiny and faster to use with the sizzlet/cuttlebug dies.  So I worked on cutting out a TON of these flowers, for HOURS before I stopped and starting playing, and decorated these mini notebooks.  I am starting to get a headache.  I think it is time for this chickadee to hit the hay!  Elaine

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