Thursday, September 29, 2011

And the beat goes on...

Day 4 of not going out of the house and working on notebooks.  This is a much larger size than the previous ones, and it is the first time I have done one this size.  This one measures 53/4" x 9".  As in scrap booking, the larger the layout, the harder it is to make the page flow and look complete.  I feel in is much easier to work on a "smaller" canvas.  But I am happy with the end results on this project.
This second picture shows the true colors of this project better.  I find with shooting at night, and indoors that sometimes the color doesn't show up correctly.  I should be shooting pictures in the daytime, but this is kind of my routine, so you will have to bear with me, and I will try hard to get a good photograph.

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