Monday, August 24, 2009

Sympathy Cards

Hello! What a busy day! It started out with Karen stopping to pick up her order at 9am and Breezy arriving shortly after that to install my kitchen faucet. It is all in, looks and works great! Jessie, my teen age friend from the flea market arrived around 11 to help out with projects too. Breezy and Jessie moved furniture around and put the new tables up in the sewing room. It is all set up now, I just need to put up my sewing decorations and it needs a little touch up painting which Breezy will do. They also moved boxes down stairs of stuff of the girls that Jessie and I are sorting through. Plus they got things moved so that the shelves in the storage room can be put up tomorrow. We really got a lot accomplished. Susie stopped in before her haircut appointment to show me the Halloween cards that she has been making. I sent Jessie home at 1:30 as this chick needed a nap! I got my nap in and slept till after 3 until the phone rang. Carol came around 4 and we worked on Jordy's resume and then went to the Bar & Bowl for supper. We visited till around 6 and then she had to leave for a meeting. Danna Petersen was just here for her stamping order and a visit. Did I forget anything???? Probably. It was a whirlwind day. Tomorrow looks like it will be the same. But it is good to be getting these things done. The cards that I am showing you today I made with digital stamps. I thought I would show a close up so you could see the shading in the coloring. Fun images to work with. Diane has been teasing me that she is going to buy me a coloring book for Christmas!

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