Friday, August 7, 2009

Coffee Tin

Yesterday was one of those big days in of those unforgettable days like the day(s) you give birth to your children. Days you will never forget. Yesterday we went wedding dress shopping in Madison for Jenna. The last of my two daughter's is getting married. The wedding date is set for December 27th.

I started the day by going to the Hill of Beans Coffee Shop where I am selling some of my things. My cards are selling very well. I put what I had made in the rack, made a list of what I need to make, and visited a bit with Sherri. It is such a cute little shop, and smells so good in there. Then I picked up Sarah in the Kohl's parking lot and we headed to Madison to David's Bridal. We were the first one's there and Brittany arrived a few minutes later. Brittany is Jenna's best friend. Sarah and Brittany are going to be co-matron/maid of honor. We went inside while we were waiting for Jenna to arrive and found out that we needed to have an appointment. The earliest they could get us in was at 3:30 and that was only after I said that we needed to have it that day as it would be hard to get everyone together again. We looked around, got some idea's, and then Jenna came. We looked some more and then went for lunch. We had a nice leisurely lunch at Old Chicago outside on the terrace. They had given us some small catalog's to look at and we were to put check marks by the things we liked so they would know what to bring out when we went back for our appointment. That really speeded things up when we did have the appointment. We got back to the shop around 2:15 and they took us early around 2:30 which was good as we needed the time! Jen tried on 5 dresses and the second one that she had on was the one she selected. When they put the veil's on her and the two of us were alone. She said to me ....Mom, I want to cry. I don't want to cry. I don't want to cry on my wedding day. And then MOM started to cry as she looked so very beautiful and the minute the veils went on she knew she had selected the right dress. Everything came together. Brittany and Sarah will be wearing Apple red dresses and they are gorgeous. It is going to be a beautiful wedding! I can't wait! We finished up around 5:30 at the bridal shop and then Sarah and I went looking for white shoes for her but didn't find any and we were to tired to look further. We ended up the day at Michael's and then headed home. I blew into Mayberry around 9:15, after leaving at 8am and was one tired camper! But boy was it fun and guess who has lot's of pictures of the day!?!?!?! LOL Me


  1. A beautiful day but lots of emotions! Seems things went along smoothy though and the dresses are chosen. Happy for all of you!

  2. Coffee Tin and notes are cute. Like that coffee cup stamp. Good to hear that your cards are selling well...they should as they are all very nice and well done.