Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coffee Tin

Good Afternoon! I can't believe how fast today has went by. My neighbor across the street occasionally comes over and helps me with the cleaning and we barter with my craft items. She was over for a couple hours today and got the walls washed in my bedroom today, scrubbed the tub and a few other things. So it looks a little more spiffy around here. I worked on cleaning the vanity and toilet while she was at that. Then I started stirring up sugar cookies for the picnic. Sarah really wants them for the picnic. She says everyone loves your sugar cookies mom. I have a really good recipe with powdered sugar in it, and I always use real butter. The other thing I do differently than most people is that I roll them thick, usually a quarter inch thick and use my cake decorating frosting recipe to decorate them with. Yummy! Any whoo...I didn't have enough flour. This was around noon so they sat until I could get to the store. I just got back from the store about 20 minutes ago at 4 pm! These need to chill for 3 hours so I won't be baking till after 7 pm. I had a bunch of phone call's which detained me. One of them was from Mike Danowski, my friend and classmate, who lives in Germany. He wanted to hear all about the class reunion, which I wasn't able to go to. But he said Pam had posted 85 pictures on facebook. We started looking at them together, he in Germany on his computer, and me here on mine. We were trying to figure out who some of the people were and between the two of us, we eventually got them all figured out and had some good laugh's at some of the pictures. It took us about an hour to go through them so you know we were having a good time at it. He will be home for a visit in October and I can't wait to see him. We have been friends since he moved here in the 6th grade. An old and dear friend. Later...Boo

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