Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Another busy day. Breezy and Jessie were here and they put up 3 mini blinds for me. Plus 8 feet of floor to ceiling shelving in the "now storage room" for fabric and craft supplies. Jessie and I worked on folding fabric and getting it on the shelves in the afternoon. She left around 3, and I hit the bed and fell asleep and slept till 6:30. I was so tired and could hardly walk. She is doing all the lifting and everything but I think it is from going up and down the steps. Steps are hard for me and mine are narrow and steep, that is why I have my bed on the main level. Mom stopped over tonight and we visited a long time then I made some supper. I have all of my sewing collection put up in the new sewing room and it looks cute. It really has a personality of it's own. And I have a few other things mixed in with it too that people have given me. When I get it all done I will shoot some photo's.

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