Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lead in your pants

Good Morning! Dianna and I are having a blast. We were up till midnight last night....shhhh....don't tell Jenna and Antonio! Actually, I think Dianna read in her bed on the couch till 1. I gave her a little book reading light and I was falling asleep and she was still reading. She is not keen about me being at the computer at the moment. She said I was making "too much noise" typing....hee hee. Any whoo...I am sure we will have another fun filled day. We watched the movie last night called Father's Little Dividend. It was with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. It was quite funny and we were dying laughing. I got it at the library, if you get a chance, check it out.

This is from another batch of cards that I made with digital images. Diane and Susie thought this saying that I found was such a stitch! A fun card to send to a friend. Well...I'd better hip hop off to the shower before UPS comes with my stamping order. Make it a great day! Elaine

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