Monday, December 27, 2010

Spiral Scarf for Sarah

I crocheted this spiral scarf for my daughter Sarah for Christmas.  I love how it turned out and I hope that she does too!  I decided to hang it off the lamp so you could see the length of it, and then I laid it down on the kitchen table so you could see it up close.  I just love the colors in it.

I had another busy day with my niece Brooke.  She was up and rear'in to go at 8 am this morning.  As most of you know, I am not exactly a morning person.  It took me a little longer to totally wake up, but with chatter, was hard not too!  First thing she did this morning was some sewing and she made another quilt top for her webkinz, this time with some 4" blocks and she liked working with the bigger squares.  But she was not interested in learning how to complete it into a quilt, then she was off to card making.  And we went to the library to pick up my things that had come in, and she checked out a book.  We ran a few more errands and then were back home again.  She made another card, then we decided to finish watching the movie Heidi which we had started watching yesterday, and then we watched the AristoCats.  I think that is my favorite Disney movie, and maybe the best one they have made (that I have seen).  Brooke also determined after the movie was over that it was the best Disney movie that they have made.  She is so funny. She has watched it here several times before.    We had supper, and more cards were made.  She was definitely in a stamping mood today, and told me that none of her "other" Aunts had any of this kind of stuff at their houses.  She very much likes to keep busy, and always wants to know what we are going to do next!  We had more reading of the Magic Story Kingdom, and tons of "What question would you like to ask me next, Aunt Elaine?", when Aunt Elaine was quiet.  Aunt Elaine didn't have any questions, but Brooke likes to be always talking so I would have to think of something to ask her or....she is asking me questions, "Like did you ever have a husband?"  LOL Or what does that mean....on my Maxine sign that Diane gave me as a joke. That is definitely disappearing before Mason can read so I don't have to go through that again!!!!! Any whoo....I'd better high tail it to bed, as I am sure I will have another 8'oclock wake up call!  Elaine

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  1. Have been enjoying all the entries this past week....especially your Brooke stories. She sounds like a fun little girl to have around....keeps you on your toes! Just so nice that she likes to make cards and seems to like sewing too. This will hopefully carry through with her for her whole life. Happy New Year!