Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chocolate Booties for Mason

I crocheted these little booties for Mason.  He has out grown the rest of his shoes and is down to one pair.  Jen loves to accessorize his clothing and they are very careful to make sure that his hands and feet are warm.  They tend to get cold, especially his hands so a lot of time they have little mitts on his hands to keep them warm.
Today I spent the day shopping and I am exhausted.  I tried to pack too much into one day but it was fun.  I went to 3 thrift shops, picked up an order at Penney's, stocked my booth at the Dells, had lunch at Pizza Hut, and went to Walmart.  I was so tired in Walmart, that I seriously did not think I could make it up to the front of the store.  I had 3 things left on my list to find, and couldn't, and didn't have the energy to look any further.  So I checked out and headed home.  It is good to be back.  Time to hit the bed!  Later!  Elaine

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