Sunday, December 26, 2010

Note Cards for Mom

These are a batch of note cards I made for my mom for Christmas.  She had told me that she would like some note cards.  I went through my scrap bins to make these, although you would never know it.  I chose a lot of pastels as Mom likes pretty feminine cards.  The flower is cut and embossed with the Simple Flower Embosslit  Die and the leaves were cut from the Birds and Blooms Die.  The background is embossed with the Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder.

This morning I met my sister and her family, plus Mom, at Pamida as they wanted to hit the after Christmas sales.  Then we headed over to Mom's house, and I was stitching on towels while we visited, and Brooke and I were playing UNO attack.  Brooke decided that she wanted to stay with me for a few days so she is here on the couch right now.  She talks NON-STOP!!!!  And she is quite the conversationalist.  She will ask you questions to start conversations, and not simple ones either.  Things that take you off guard and that you have to think about a little before giving her an answer.  But she is definitely a delight, and so cute and funny.  She told me that my house is like the North Pole, magical, kind of like Santa's workshop, but that I don't make toys, I make stuff with fabric, and felt, and other things she said.  And that all the stuff that I make is really nice and that she likes all of it.  She also said that I am the crafter of the family, a professional crafter, and also the World's Best Crafter (along with my World's Best Aunt Title, I have held that title for many years with her).  We went up stairs to get my Magic Story Kingdom Book, that I have been reading to them for years, and even though she is 9 and is an excellent reader, she asked me to read her 2 stories out of it before she went to bed.  Brooke and Ben both love that book.  I have had it since I was 5.  Anywhooo....she loved the color of my sewing room, the futon bed, TV, etc, and she is excited about sewing tomorrow.  She said she didn't want to sew when she was tired, wanted to do it in the morning.  So you know where we will be tomorrow!   Have a great day!  Elaine

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