Saturday, August 28, 2010

What you have been waiting to see!

Hello!  I bet you never thought you would see a picture again on this blog the way I have been going.  LOL Antonio's friend Edwardo wanted to sell his laptop, and Antonio got it for a real good price so I am back in business again!  I was using Jenna's apple computer but didn't want to be loading or downloading on hers so now that I have my own to work on again, I am a happy camper.  This one is a little jobber, a 12.1 screen, but I like it a lot.  It is a HP Pavillion Entertainment PC and the screen/graphics look beautiful on it.  The first thing I did after I loaded my pics on it was to choose one of Mason as a background.  He looks so cute.  It has tons of memory, 4G and a 500 Hard drive, so I won't need an external hard drive while working with this one.  Or at least for a long time.
I chose these two pictures to put on tonight.  The first one, I was holding Mason at the hospital when he was a day old, and Diana took this picture.  The next one is I took of Jenna and Antonio right before we left for the hospital.  Every time Antonio would come home, or go some where, he always would kiss Jenna and kiss her tummy and say good by or hello to Mason.  Smack, Smack, Smack.  I would tell Jenna that we needed to get a picture of that for Mason's baby book.  Of course she would not be dolled up or something so it ended up getting taken right before we went out the door.  But it sure is a cute picture and will be a nice memory for them all.
Jenna is not feeling so good.  We are not sure if she has a breast infection or the start of one, but she talked to a lactation consultant today and the on call doctor and they told her some things to do that will hopefully help.  She has had the chills, a temp, flu like symptoms, and dry cough.  So she spent most of the day on the couch, as she felt weak and had no energy.  She fed Mason, and I took care of him the rest of the time.  Of course Grandma and Mason didn't mind that.  He is changing so much each day.  He is extremely alert when he is awake, and is very strong.  Antonio and I went to Aldi's after he got off of work and bought some groceries.  He made Empanda's tonight which were delicious.  Quite a long process, it takes several hours to make them.  I told him that he should make something easy if he wanted to cook, as he did not get much sleep last night and had worked all day but he wouldn't hear of it.  He loves to cook, it is his passion (as he says).  He can't comprehend why I don't like to cook any more.  I tried to explain that I would rather be sewing or stamping, those are my passions. 
We were suppose to have 2 batches of company tonight but they decided to cancel both of them because of Jenna not feeling well which I was happy about although I know both sets of people and they are very nice.  It just wasn't the right time today.  I think her dad and Heather are coming tomorrow.  We will see how she is doing tomorrow.
Grandma had her first "real" photo session with Mason today.  I ended up keeping 58 pictures that I took and he did so well during it.  Jenna had just fed him, and after I had got him burped good,  I started shooting.  I got some really cute photo's.
I also wanted to tell you that if you are a stamper, you might want to check out the clearance rack at Stampin' UP! right now as they have some really good deals on retired card stock, etc.  Check it out!
Have a good weekend!  Elaine

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