Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hello-  I am going to try to get a quick post in before I watch Mason so Jenna can get a nap in.  He is such a little joy, and really keeps us hopping.  He is very alert at times and we are all just loving that.  His face making just fascinates us.  I am loving having this special time with him.  Last night was the first night that Mommy would let me help in the middle of the night.  Funny how when they get exhausted enough, they let you help!  Hee hee!  So the calvary arrived at 2 am.  He is breast feeding and she is letting him have an occasional bottle so Grandma fed him and got him to sleep a few hours.  I read one of Jenna's baby books while sitting in there watching him sleep and he is doing everything he is suppose to be doing in the first month which I thought already but it was a good review.  I tried to go to Aldi's and Walgreens early in the morning but neither  were open yet so I came home, helped with baby cakes a bit and then hit the hay and slept till about noon.  Two hours of sleep just wasn't cutting it and Grandma was zombie like by the time she hit the hay.  This afternoon I watched him so Jenna could take a shower and Diana and I got some things done around here and also played with Mason.  We also took a bunch of pictures of him.  I headed out around 3 and went to Walgreens to pick up one of my prescriptions, put gas in the van, and went grocery shopping at Aldi's for Jenna.  After I got all the groceries put away, and had helped some with Mason, I made us some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while Mommy fed him, and then I took another nap as I was dragging.  Diana has went home for the week, and will be back next Monday.  Yesterday, Mason and Mommy had their first outing.  He needed his bilirubin checked, and we went to the doctor's office to do that around noon.  Then we headed over to Jenna's Olive Garden for lunch, and Mason was adored by all of the help.  I fed Mason a bottle there and he was good to go for the rest of the afternoon.  We went to BabysRus and Jenna picked up a bunch of things that she needed.  Diana was in one of her playful moods and Jenna threatened to separate us.  LOL   Mason was good as gold and slept in his car seat through the whole store, and again in the car while we were waiting for Jenna when she ran into Mommyhood.  We got home around 4:30.  He sleeps wonderfully in the car, so that was great.  Some friends of there's were here for supper.  Antonio cooked, and I took care of Mason so they could eat together.  He was kind of fussy but that was to be expected after being good all day.  Antonio is watching him now I guess and they are going to take turns tonight as he doesn't have to work until 11 tomorrow.  So it sounds like I will get to sleep tonight.  He has been very good about helping in the night and when he is home.  Antonio told me the other morning.  I never knew I could be so happy, feel such joy in my heart.  He loves his family dearly.  He didn't see Diana be born or get all this special time with her when she was a baby so this is all new for him.  Jenna is totally in love with Mason too, and calls him her little prince.  And of course Grandma thinks he is the best baby in the whole world.  He knows our voices and turns to look at us when we talk.  I just love that.  We also swear that he is smiling at us already, and Diana thought that Mason was trying to talk back to me when I was talking to him this afternoon.  She was teaching him to stick out his tongue and thought it was awesome that he would imitate her.  The baby book does say to do that as it helps with the breast feeding and making face at them is good bonding.  Well, gotta go, here comes the troops!  Elaine

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