Friday, August 13, 2010

Counting Down

Good Morning!  Not much new here.  We are still waiting for babycakes.  Yesterday we made a second run to Cranky Al's Bakery around 8am and we were able to get the famous "Crawlers".  The day before we had went around 11 and they were out already but we enjoyed the donuts!  It is a cute place and I took a bunch of pictures of it.  I will load them up when I get home and on my own computer.  I love old buildings and was observing the window sill as it had cool slants in the front windows and the building had great windows that would be good for displaying although they were pretty narrow.  I do miss doing window displays.  I loved doing them when I was in a remission, but when I was in a flare, I hated having to ask other people to carry and move everything for me.  That is one thing I have problems with on good days or bad days, it is really painful to walk and carry anything any distance.  I always take a shopping cart if they are available because walking and carrying a purse around is too much.  Any who....the Crawlers are like a cake donut and they over fry them a bit they told us and they have buttercream in them.  I had a bite of Jenna's and it was good.  Really unusual.  I chose an apple fritter yesterday and it was delish!  We tried to go to a beautiful historical home that the historical society has in Wauwatosa.  There were a couple of ladies there working but we missed the tours, I guess they were open last weekend.  It is going to be open again October 2nd, and again at Christmas time so we are hoping to go to see it then.  I took some pictures from the outside and it is amazing.  I can't wait to see the inside.  Otherwise we have been home pretty much the last few days.  I hemmed a curtain in the kitchen, and the last pair (I hope!) of Jenna's pants.  I need to make her nursing covers yet, I haven't got that done.  She was very uncomfortable in the evening last night, we finally got enough pillows around her back and feet up on a chair.  She was crabby before she went to bed and was mad at herself for being so.  She has been in such a good mood, and good natured about it all.  I almost expected that we would go in the night, but as you can see, we are still here.  They are still sleeping and I am up.  Yesterday was the only day that her doctor wasn't going to be there, and another doctor was on call so I am glad that she will now have her regular doctor when we do go.  Her doctor thought she would go into labor by the weekend if she kept doing what she was.  So hopefully soon.  I am getting really antsy the past few days.  I am ready to hold that baby for a few weeks and then get home.  I am missing it, everyone, and stamping.  But once the baby get's here, I probably won't want to come home.  Right now I am just restless.  I told Jenna last night that today we need to get out for awhile so that she has a distraction.  So we may do a little shopping today.  Have a good one!  Me

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  1. I keep checking to see if Baby Mason has arrived. I suppose he is laughing at all of us as we want him to appear real soon. He is probably thinking, "I'll arrive when I want to and they can just wait." Good to hear everyone is doing well. You are all in my prayers.