Friday, August 20, 2010

Sarah and Zach

Sarah and Zach came today around 5 and we spent a few nice hours with them.  It was so good to see them both.  Sarah brought us supper which was really nice.  BBQ, buns, strawberry/banana fruit salad, and sun chips.  Yummy.  I got some nice pictures of the girls together with Sarah holding the baby and then some of just Sarah with the baby.  They brought my mail with them and I spent the last couple of hours going through that and ditching stuff after they left.  I have a nice stack of magazines to read and I plan on looking at a few of them when I go to bed which will be shortly.  Antonio went to bed around an hour ago which is the very earliest I have ever seen him go to bed.  But he said he needs to get up around 2 or so to help with the baby.  He also has to work at 10 tomorrow.  He sure is a trooper with helping Jenna with Mason.  Lots of big changes in this household.  Speaking of Mason, he is being a little chow hound tonight.  He doesn't want to stop to burp, just eat!  I am sure that he will be happy when her milk comes in, which may be tomorrow, hopefully.  I just checked and mother and baby are down for the night, Diana is getting her jammies on under I made her turn off the TV, so she put George Lopez on record.  I said she could read for awhile before going to sleep.  She just grabbed Jenna's copy of Eat, Pray, Love and is going to start reading that.  I just heard Mason yelling.  Maybe I should see if she wants me to hold him awhile so she can get some sleep!  Chow!  Me

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