Sunday, August 15, 2010

The official due date

Today is Jenna's official due date but we don't have any signs of labor yet.  I am beginning to think that we may not be going till Wednesday to the hospital.  Little stinker.  Maybe he wants to keep Grammy in Milwaukee as long as he can!

We went to Kmart in the afternoon yesterday so Jenna could pick up a few things.  In the evening we went to Pick n Save and got some groceries.  They will double up to 5 coupons on Saturdays and Wednesday so we each did that.  One of the things I got was a bottle of Pert Plus which was on sale for $2.00 and with the $1.00 coupon doubled, I got it for free!  Yippee!  So I was happy about that.

I have started sewing on another Rag quilt, and Jenna (with glee) found another pair of pants with the hem fallen out, this time they were Antonio's.  So I sewed the hem back up in them while watching an episode of Law and Order.  That is what they watch around here mainly.  Criminal shows or the food network.  They love that too, and sometimes they rent movies.  Antonio would be good on the Food Network as he puts such passion into his cooking and loves to talk about it.  And he is a wonderful cook, and so is Jenna.  I will definitely miss the food when I go back home.

One of Jenna's friends from the Dells is suppose to stop over later this evening.  I am glad.  That will be nice for her.  She doesn't really feel much like going places now so this will be a good distraction.  Di asked me how things were going here yesterday and I said very good, we haven't gotten into any fights.  I asked Jenna later how she felt about it and she thought it was going good too and was glad that I was here.  She said the only thing that is hard is that she is used to being alone more and that I am always "bubbly" and have something to say, and want to talk.  Hee hee....does that sound familiar?  I am used to so much more commotion at home, with the phone ringing, and people stopping over that sometimes it is too quiet around here for me if Diana is with her mother, and Antonio is at work.  Jen and I have done a ton of talking and that is great but right now we are kind of caught up on things, and she has been more tired out.  So I try and give her space.  Any whoo...I am rambling...and might as well ramble my way back to the sewing machine!  Have a good night!  Me

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