Friday, August 6, 2010

Party Hearty

Hello!  This is a card I made for a sample for last month's stamping party with the stamp set Party Hearty.  I like this set a lot.  It is so versatile.  The pendants are actually the party hats stamped with out the tassle on them, then cut out, and flipped upside down, and hung on some pink crochet cotton.  
Yesterday we spent most of the day running around in the car.  We went to pick up a friend of Antonio's so that he could work on Antonio's car.  We also had to take him to pickup his tool bag out of his wife's car, and then made a couple of trips to salvage yards, he fixed the car, and then we took him back home again.  By that time it was time for Antonio to get off work and we went to Pick and Save and then home for the night.  A busy day.  The State Fair is on now and we are not that far from it so when you go up to Greenfield Ave to go anywhere now, the traffic is pretty busy, as that is the State Fair park exit.  I was up town this morning to pick up a loaf a bread and get gas.  Pretty crazy out there.  I think I will stay in and sew!  I just finished reading a book on how to set up your quilting space and it has a lot of pictures of sewing rooms.  I wrote down a few notes of a few changes that I want to make my room work more efficiently and I wrote down what size plastic rulers to use when folding fabric.  It was an interesting book.  
Jenna's swelling is really starting to come down and her feet are looking more normal all the time.  I think that I forgot to tell you that when she was at her appointment on Tuesday that the doctor did not think that the baby would drop any more based on where his butt and head are located.  The doctor also thinks that she will have an 8lb. baby.  Zach's prediction is on the 12th, and Kelly Madero think it will be on the 9th.  Diana wants it to be before she goes back to her mom's on Monday.  So we will see.  Hopefully it will be soon!  Hugs!   Elaine

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