Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Party Hearty Card

This is a card I made as a sample for last months party with the stamp set Party Hearty.  As you can see it is a very versatile set.
Hello!  I decided to write a quick post while the house is quiet.  Well it sort of is....Jenna and Antonio are at her doctor's appointment right now.  The landlord and a plumber are here right now and have the bathroom tub tore apart.  I sure hope they get it put back together soon.
 The kids went to a breast feeding class last night.  She gave Mason his eviction notice again last night but so far he is not listening.   She has loved being pregnant but now wants to hold her baby.  Her due date is this Sunday, so we shouldn't have much longer to wait.  I went to Barnes and Noble last night and got a new planner.  I hope to get better organized (if that is possible).  I got all the stamping events, birthdays, etc wrote in it last night.  It is a very nice one, it has to do lists in it, grocery lists, little stickers, all sorts of places to keep track of information, make plans, and keep notes.  This should eliminate all the different note pads I have going at home I think as to who has RSVP'd to a party,  special orders I need to do, etc.  It will be my "go to" book for everything as I am entering everything in it.  This time I went to the Barnes and Noble at Mayfair Mall.  I was so proud of myself to get their with no wrong turns etc.  I am actually getting so I can navigate by myself around here.  Love it!
I am clipping away on my rag quilt  I only have a row and a half to finish so that will be done shortly.  I folded up a couple of baskets of laundry this morning for Jenna and I tried out the "how to fold a fitted sheet" from the "How to Sew on a Button" book.  Jenna read some more of it this morning and loves the book.  She said she wants one.  They have a whole section in it about cleaning with vinegar and water and she really liked that idea that you wouldn't have to buy so many cleaning products and not having all the chemicals around.
I put together the baby monitor/TV on Sunday and got that all attached to the crib.  I also did some more mending for Jenna, and put a sleeve on the back of the baby quilt that matches the crib bedding as we decided that it would look cute on the wall above the crib.  We also painted wood letters chocolate brown that spell out MASON.  After we pick up some hangers for them, we will be able to get those hung up.  The last of the baby clothes have been washed and put away, and the batteries are in the swing for the mobile.  That still needs to be hauled out to the living room.  I was going to attempt to do it but Diana told me not to as it will need to be taken apart to get it through the bedroom door where it is sitting now.  She says her dad needs to do it.  It sounded like it was quite a project getting it in there.  I was glad for the warning!  It is quiet with out her around.  She spends this week with her mother.  She is actually pretty quiet for a 12 year old most of the time, unless she gets in a silly mood, then look out.  Or if I take her some where and it is just the two of us, then she will talk my arm off.
I talked to Lady Di this afternoon and it sounds like the party went good last night at her house.  I am really starting to miss my stamping stuff and am itching to do some stamping. You probably won't be able to get me out of the stamping cave once I get home!!!  And I am sure that the cats will try and keep me "locked in the house" so I don't go any where for a long time!  Have a great day!  Elaine

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