Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still awaiting....

Good Morning,
I thought I would try to get a quick post in before we head out the door.  I just finished my shower.  I love my new wash and wear haircut.  It is so fast and so much cooler.  I have pretty thick hair and when I remember to get a shorter hairdo in the summer, it feels so much better!  Jenna is in the shower now and we are headed to pick up a friend of Antonio's to work on his car today.  Antonio had to start work at 7 this morning, and Diana is trying to wake up.  She sure was in a silly mood last night.  We were fighting and playing around like sisters last night.  I took her for a walk after supper and she chattered all  way and appeared to wind down, but shortly after we were back home she was at it again.  Guess she needed to let off some steam.  I was working on rag quilt squares yesterday and we went to church in the evening.  They have mid week Wed. services in the summer which are casual and quite different but it was very moving and I enjoyed it a lot.  We made a trip to Aldi's afterwards before heading home to have supper.  I definitely want to do some grocery shopping at Aldi's before I come home.  They have some very good deals and Jenna loves the food from there.
Edith talked to Antonio's mother last week on the phone.  She has delivered a lot of babies in Mexico and she told Edith that when the swelling goes down in Jenna's feet for a couple of days, then she will have the baby.  It seems to be going down the last few days, kind of back and forth.  But I just looked at her feet and they look the best they have looked this morning.  Maybe the baby will come soon.  You would not believe the size her feet and calves have been.  I truly believe that her feet have been 4 times her normal size.  She calls her toes little pork sausages.  It amazes me that she can walk on them and that they don't bother her more.  She is tired and uncomfortable now and ready for the baby to arrive.  She gave Mason his eviction notice last night and told him that there is no more room for him in there any more and that he needs to get out.  LOL  Diana also was telling me things "that Mason told her", apparently Mason has a cell phone and they talk, LOL  One of the things she told me that Mason said is that I have to share the brownies, that I live with other people now and not by  We had been joking earlier that we would have brownie sundaes last night but we were too full from supper.  I said that I would have just had the brownie sundae for supper.  LOL  Diana laughed at supper when I said that and she said that she likes how I think.  :-)
 Hannah Fritz is due around the same time as Jenna, (the 12th) and she did not get good news at the doctor's this week either.  They always are comparing  It is funny that their babies are due around the same time.  As my babies were due the same time as class mates too.  Betty Russell was in my class and we were both due around the 23rd of March.  I think that is when Nick was born, Jenna was early and came the 9th.  Linda Wormet and I were both due the same weekend with Sarah and Brianna.  Brianna was born April 2 and Sarah April 3.  And when Jenna was born, Debbie (Collins) Warren was in the same hospital room as me when she had Danielle, and her sister Pam and I had been friends all growing up.  Weird how things work out.  I am excited about the baby coming but am nervous too and keep praying all will go well.  I really just wish the stork would leave the baby in a basket on the door step, Jenna would just be "unpregnant".  The not knowing "when" it is going to happen is hard.  They are signed up for a birthing class on Saturday and a breastfeeding class on Monday.  It will be interesting to see if she makes it that long.  Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers!!!  Hugs!  Elaine

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  1. Hi, I have been wondering when Mason was due and now I have a couple of dates. I hope Jenna has him early rather than later...but it seems babies choose their own good time sometimes. Having been pregnant in the summer myself, I know she is ready "to go". I too hope everything goes along really well for her. I will keep her and the baby in my prayers. I have enjoyed reading of your adventures and it sounds to me like you are all having a nice time with each other and making lots of memories. Sometime, if you think of it, ask Antonio how he makes his "authentic" Margarita. I need the name of the ingredients and the amounts. Now, we do make Margaritas but I get the best ones at a resturant here run by the Alverez family...they have several around Rockford. Of course, they don't give out their Margarita recipe, but it is the best I have ever had. We can't seem to make ours taste the same. Well, I am the only one except for my daughter Anne and daughter in law Julie who drink them. The guys are usually happy with a beer. So, if Antonio has a good recipe I sure would like to try it. Leave it to me to ask for that recipe, right? Any way, thinking of all of you and hope everything goes well and soon.