Sunday, August 1, 2010


Good Morning-
I hope this finds you all well.  Yesterday we kind of had a lazy day.  Jenna and I were to go up town to run some errands, but we ended up talking for hours and finally went up town about three thirty!  We had hoped to drop off the clothes they have been cleaning out of closets at a thrift shop but when we got there, they were no longer accepting donations for the day.  Go figure!  So I guess I will have to go back another day.  ;-)  But the store was open and we spent some time in their.  Jenna thought it was kind of a weird store.  It was my second time there and I kind of like it.  I just found a bag with pink felt in in it and some off white, this trip, but it was a lot of felt for very cheap.  Jenna got a bunch of disney books for the baby, a cute little bag sleeper with ducks on it and a couple of little pair of pants.  She still needs some more crib sheets as she only has two but I have not been able to find any more so far.  Hopefully we will find some in our travels soon.  We did find a boppy cover the other day.  Her friend Kelly is going to let her use hers.  It is a nice fleece that zippers around the pillow.  After we washed it one of the seams had come open so guess who had another mending job, but that was a quick one.  We made a stop at Walgreens so I could pick up my prescription, and we got some other things before heading home to do a quick clean up of the house before the cookout.   I did sew a market bag on Friday that I should take some pictures of to show you all.  It turned out cute, and was fairly easy to make, and I think I will make them to sell as everyone is into using cloth bags so that they don't have to use plastic ones now.  I really saw that a lot at the flea market this summer, and Jenna is really into that.  An attempt that people are making to Go Green.  Any whoo...this one has a tie on the side of the bag and folds up very small so that you can throw it (or several) right in your purse.  Very handy.  I will have to talk to Jen to see if it is okay if I load some pictures on her computer to show you it as I have to use hers these days.  I did call Dell yesterday again, and got a different operator who told me that I will definitely have to replace the motherboard as the DC jack is attached to it.  Quite the rip off I think.  Any way the guy I talked to is going to see if they have any cheaper parts and is suppose to email me today, and call.  I did a hunt on line and have found them much cheaper, and we will see what Edwardo comes up with as he wants the information so that he can look too.  I am not sure if Antonio talked to him last night about it or not.  Antonio tends to have a lot of phone calls so I never know who he is talking to.  He has a lot of friends that like to text or call (kind of like me at home, hee hee!)  Jenna isn't much for talking on the phone (she says, except for me, and I am here).  We had a little cookout here last night with his other brother (do not ask me to spell his name!), sister-in-law Marta, nephew Jordan, niece Belinda, and friend Freddy.  I had a lot of fun with the kids, and even won little Belinda over who is quite shy.  We all had a good time.  Well, I think I will head back to bed for some more zzzzz's!!!  Have a great Sunday!  Me

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