Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A good feeling...

Good Morning!  I am writing to you in the wee hours of the morning, it seems to be the best time to get a blog post done.  On Sunday morning, I took Antonio to work and he wanted to stop at El Ray's, a mexican grocery store, as on Sunday's he brings in Mexican food to work, which every one loves, and they all chip in to pay for it.  On the way there, I got to see Miller Park, which I had never seen before, quite impressive. I didn't go into El Ray's this time, I just waited in the van as I want to go in there when I have time to look around and Antonio was just making a quick trip in there.  But it was quite interesting sitting outside and watching things.  As I told Jenna, learning about the Mexican community is a whole new world for me at times.  She said she felt like that at first too.  The windows were completely papered with advertisements written in Spanish that were quite colorful.  A police officer was standing outside the door, just like they are outside of so many stores in Milwaukee.  A vendor pulled up with a van and was unloading a food cart and I was watching him set that all up.  I found out later from Jenna that the van on the other side of the parking lot is where Antonio gets these fantastic sandwiches that he brings home for us.  I haven't had one for a long time but they are huge, and very good.  I love them.   I was asking Jenna about the grocery store later and she says their is even a restaurant in there, a place to get cell phones, pay your dish bill, all kinds of stuff like that as she says that the mexican's don't know how or where to go for those things when they first arrive here.  Interesting.  After I dropped him off at work, I went to the USA Family Thrift store and dropped off the stuff in the van that I had tried to get rid of the day before.  That thrift store is interesting as they have sheets of peg board up high all over the store that have Barbie dolls attached to them, and none of them are for sale.  All different kinds of dolls with different outfits on them.  There must be thousands of them as when I was waiting for the store to open, I roughly counted the ones in the front windows and their were almost two hundred just in the front windows.  It would be interesting to know what the total was, but they probably don't even know as you can tell that they keep adding them where their are empty spots, here and there.  I found a real cute Winnie the Pooh puppet there for Mason for a dollar.  It is sitting in the rocking chair in his room awaiting his arrival.  I made a quick stop at Good Will and then headed home to a wonderful lunch that Jenna had prepared.  Between the two of them....they sure can cook!  We headed to Joann Fabrics after lunch and we had a lot of fun poking around in there.  Jenna found a scrapbook and paper for the baby, along with some other stuff, and yesterday I worked on getting some pages started for her so that all she has to do is drop in the pictures.  In the evening Diana and Jenna worked along with me on their own scrapbooks and we finally called it a day around ten pm.  I fell asleep reading Oprah's magazine while they were watching TV.  Oh speaking of TV, Jenna and I watched a funny movie one night called It's Complicated.   And the night before, we caught the tale end of Home Alone 2 and we laughed so hard we thought we were going to pee our pants!  My girls had those videos, in fact, Jenna put them in a box to send home with me as they don't have a VCR any more.  The girls would watch those movies over and over again, and laugh their hearts out.  We are having some very fun times here....times that I will always treasure!  Have a wonderful day!  Elaine

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