Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burp clothes for Mason

Hello!  Another busy day in Mayberry!  Today I have some pictures of some burp clothes I made for Mason and his mommy.  He is a spitter upper so she goes through a lot of them.  Today, I slept in till almost noon.  I was so tired out.  I worked on the library scrapbook from about 2 o'clock till 8 o'clock and got a lot done.  I got quite a few pages either finished or started, and I have everything that I currently have for the project all printed.  All the photo's and all the newspaper articles.  A very big job, and I am glad that part is over.  The rest should go fairly quickly, and smoothly.  The part that will take time is typing up all the captions for under the pictures.  I decided that I will wait till the very end to do that.  Soooo.....I just finished eating supper a little while ago, and packed up all my tools for tomorrow's card box class.  I still need to do the cutting for it, which I may or may not do yet tonight.  We will see.  Right now I need to lay down and relax awhile.  Until tomorrow.....adieus! 

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