Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lovely As A Tree Cards

It has been quite the week.  It has not went at all like I had expected it to go, but that is okay, in many ways, it has went better!  I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying about my life the past few months and I feel like now that I have "sat still" and listened to God that I am hearing his answers, and that I am being guided in the way I should go.  So I will be making some changes, and most of them won't affect you but they will affect me a lot!  One thing I have heard loud and clear is that I need to put my main focus back into my stamping business.  I have had numerous calls and people stopping in.  Picking up catalogs, placing orders, etc.  Also I am working on some new marketing ideas and I am very thankful and feel honored and blessed to have the opportunity to be starting a new stamping group!  I was asked about a week ago to do this, and the plans are now finalized for our first get together at the church on Thursday, September 30, starting at 5:30 to make two Christmas cards.  Right now they have about 12 people that are talking about coming which is absolutely great!  And if anyone wants to come from my other group, they are welcome too.  Just email me.  I will be sending out more information on that later.  I designed one of my cards for it today and it turned out oh so cute!  To be continued......

Recipe:  Stampin' UP! Stamp Sets: Lovely As A Tree, and God's Blessings

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