Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another nutso day in Mayberry!

It was another crazy day here, with tons of phone calls, and people in and out.  I am still trying to finish the 20 cards I started yesterday, in between things.  The outsides are all done, just need to finish cutting and putting the inserts in the last 16, then get them packaged up and ready to go!  I made a trip to the flea market to pick up my stamp sets that I have for sale, as I am working out a trade for some more catalogs right now.  I also brought some stuff home to get coded for the Dells.  And I made a trade list up so when I need it, I will have it all ready.  I used to have one made but haven't been doing a lot of trading this summer as I was gone. Most of the time, I see someone looking for a particular set and if I have it and can part with it, (ha ha) then I shoot them a note.   If you are interested in seeing what I have for sale, send me an email at and I will email you a copy of it.  On the way home, I made a quick run through Practical Cents.  I just spent $2.37 today for a big skein of crochet cotton and for a bag of fabric.  Their was nothing else that I was interested in.
I thought I would share a little tid bit with you today about Heat and Stick Powder.
This is what a demonstrator wrote about it:
I love heat and stick powder for glitter. It heat sets it and it doesn't go
everywhere. Just use versamark, heat with heat gun, sprinkle heat and stick
powder, heat with heat gun, sprinkle with glitter, and heat again. Walla you have glitter
without it coming back off. I use it for dazzling diamonds as well so it
will stay put.
Gotta run, I am going to try and sleep.  I haven't slept the past two nights and I believe it is from the flonase I have been using for allergies/dizzness.  I didn't use it today so we will see if that helps!  Later, gators!  Elaine

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