Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grandma has been shopping for babycakes!

Hi! I thought you might enjoy seeing a few things I have picked up for Baby cakes.  These are the first things I have bought since Mason has been born.  I have been showing real restraint. Hee Hee. It helps not to have extra money at the moment....LOL  Isn't this little dog hat just the cutest thing!?!?  Mason has some little onesies with dogs on them in browns that this hat should go perfect with.  And my absolute favorite is the elephant.  The elephant is really cool.  The head has a rattle in it, the belly makes a crinkly sound when you touch it, and the feet are teethers.  I thought he was absolutely adorable and would be so cute with the quilt that I made him.  I think I feel another photo shoot coming on.....LOL  
My girls had teether beads similar to these and loved them.  I think he will like hanging on to these and probably could hold them in his mouth now.  When I was there, and he was two weeks old, the little stinker would wrap his hand around the ribbon holding his pacifier, and he would yank it out of his mouth.  Then wonder why it was no longer in his mouth!  And the other thing he would do is try to keep his pacifier in his mouth, even though he didn't have the hand eye coordination skills to do so at a couple of days old..  He is going to be a smart one.  That little whipper snapper.  Can't wait to see him again.  Only a few more weeks and I will be going to Milwaukee to pick up Colleen from the air port and I will get to see him then.  Ahh...the joys of being a Grandmother!  Love it!  Elaine

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