Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The baby

Hi!  Yesterday, Jenna, Antonio and Mason came to visit the Great Grandmother's.  The first stop was a trip to Oxford where they visited Great Grandma Wilson, Grandpa Wilson and Heather.  Then they headed over this direction to see Great Grandma and  Great Grandpa Steffen.  Sarah came from Reedsburg and we all had a nice meal together.  Mason remembered my voice.  When my mom was holding him, I was talking to him and he turned to look at me and was kicking his feet and waving his arms, and then he smiled at me.  Antonio says to Jenna all excited, "See he remembers your Mama", and she nodded her head, while smiling.  I was telling this to Di tonight and she kind of laughed, not really believing me.  But it really is true.  I love this middle photo where I caught him on film smiling at me.  He is such a cutie pie, that is for sure.
Today was a busy day around here.  Sandy Wellumson spent the day with me, stamping and visiting.  We had a really fun day, getting to know one another better.  Susie Smith stopped over to visit a bit too and picked up the rest of the elk they had stored in my freezer.  I have it defrosting right now and Taffy is quite fascinated with the falling ice and dripping water!  Sandy Renner also stopped in to pick up her order.  Sandy and I made a really adorable card, I am mass producing this one and will have 20 of them when I am done.  Perhaps I will post it tomorrow night.  I am too tired to do it tonight and plan to head down to bed soon.  I have been making myself stay up, as I have wanted to go to bed since about 6 o'clock!  Till tomorrow...night!

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