Friday, May 13, 2011

Word Play Tag

This is a tag I made using the stamp set Word Play and some punches.  I am really tired tonight.  It has been a long week!  I ran around this morning and did some errands.  Carol stopped this afternoon with more moving boxes, and Sandy Wellumson brought me some goodies!  I also received a bag of goodies last night from Sue Paape!  I have loved it all.  Thanks for the nice RACKS girls!!!
Little Mason is really getting into talking to Grammy on the phone.  I talked with Jenna a few minutes this morning and right after we said hello, Mason started fussing, and I heard Jenna say, "You want to talk to Grammie?  Here she is."  I started talking to him and he started talking back.  In the background I could hear Antonio saying, who are you talking to (to Mason), are you talking to your ______, what ever the word is in Spanish for Grandma.  Jenna gets back on and tells me that Mason really enjoyed it, that he is getting the hang of it, and that it makes him feel important.  LOL  That's my baby!
Have a great weekend, and stop down at the flea market and say Hello!

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