Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From one old bag to another....

This is the inside of the tea bag holder.  Where I have the Crumb Cake card stock is where the tea bag will slide in. 

 Good Evening!  I know I have been slacking on my blog posting but I have had a good reason.  I have decided that I am going to move to Milwaukee, so I have been busy sorting and marking things that I won't be able to take, trying to get started on this humungous job I have to tackle.  I have 25 years worth of stuff in this house so it is a big job.  I wanted to wait till after I told my stamper's Monday night before I put it on the blog.  They were quite surprised.  As I looked down the table, everyone's jaws had literally dropped!  They are sad that last night was the last night we will be meeting, but Susie Smith is going to take over the group so they will still all be able to get together.  I sure will miss everyone, but I will be back to visit.  I am very excited about my new adventure.
Today I worked on the stamping room, sorting through some of my stuff, and marking some of my "doubles" and alterable items to sell.  I empty 3 of my 29 quart sterilite containers today, and put my "current stamp sets in them.  I still need to empty one more before I will be finished with that project.  When I get done with the stamping room, it will be the easiest room to move as I am trying to get everything that isn't already in a sterilite drawer in one.  Then when it is time to move, all we will have to do is put packing tape around the drawers and they will be all set to move!!!  And the bonus part is that I will be able to stamp immediately, and know where all my stuff is!  Too bad the rest of the house won't go so smoothly, but I guess you can't have it all.  Hee hee!
My friend Pam Collins stopped in today for a visit, this evening.  It is always great to see her and catch up on things.  When I told her I was moving, she said to me "You want to be by that grand baby."  And I said "YEP!"
Tonight I needed a break from the sorting and marking, so I worked on these tea bag holders.  I have another eighteen of them in progress.  The pattern paper is on them.  I just need to finish decorating them and attaching the ribbon.  They are a fun little project and make a great little gift for someone.  The card stock on the inside won't be there, that is where the tea bag goes.  I just stuck that in there for an example as I don't have my tea bags yet.
It is with sadness that I have to tell you that my school mate Randy Waite past away on Saturday.  The funeral is tomorrow morning.  My dear friend Diane was married to him.  Age 50 is way too young to die, but he has had a long battle the past four years with stage 4 lung cancer.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Waite, Bredesen, and Schwabe families.  Our dear Aunt Pat Cook past away over the weekend too.  We were lucky to have her living here for about 8 years and she taught many children in the area how to play piano.  She was an avid gardener, played the organ for her church, taught bible study, loved animals, was a devout Christian, and spent her life helping others.  She will be truly missed.  Love, Elaine

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