Monday, May 23, 2011

Card/Scrapbook Embellishments

As many of my readers know, I keep all of my paper scraps and punch them out with punches.  I have a large container of items punch out, the size of a Tupperware 2 layer round cake taker!  So this afternoon and evening, I spent some more time catching up on my TV programs and putting together scrap book/card embellishments.  This picture is a pile of 31 packages that I got done tonight.  Then I started again on my daily campaign clean, sort, mark, and pack project.  Tonight I worked some more on the bathroom, and now the whole wall of cabinets above the washer and dryer is empty.  I also sorted through a bunch of shoes and took a bunch of stuff that I pitched to the road.  I am the only person on this block I would guess that is taking trash out at midnight!  LOL  I have real productive spurts in the evening, so I run with it whenever it happens!  I have one more bag of trash almost full so I think I will go do that and call it a day!  Happy Monday!  Elaine

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