Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spellbinders and Papertrey Inc Die Storage

Hello!  I am sorry I have been a little lack on blogging.  Right now I am focused more on packing and sorting than crafting.  But some times I need a break and I will try to post as I make stuff.  Please be patient with me, things will get more normal after I am "moved".
Today was a bumming day, sort of.  Diane and I headed to the Rapids first thing this morning.  Our first stop was Light House Books, in Wisconsin Rapids.  They have a very nice stamping and scrap booking section in their store.  We hadn't been there in awhile as Diane has been getting Bernie groomed in town.  I wasn't sure when I would get that direction again, as normally I would shop in Milwaukee, or near the booth in the Dells.  So I wanted to stop in there.  I had a 20% off coupon so picked up a set of Spellbinder's dies, a package of Score-tape, and some graduation stamps in the nifty $1.50 section.  Then we headed over to Staples as I had seen on someone's blog where they had used a CD hanging file case to store Nestie's.  I found one and absolutely love it so I thought I would share with you how I set it up after we got home.  The box comes with 40 transparent colored sleeves and has a "pocket" on each side, so you can store dies on both sides if you wish too.  I set mine up to store them only on one side, as most of my sets are large ones and I didn't wish to distort the pocket by putting too much weight in it, and I have plenty of pockets to use yet so space wasn't an issue.  They fit in the sleeves so nicely, and I even dropped 2 sets of sleeves on the floor while I was labeling them and the dies did not fall out of the pockets.  This system is going to work great for me and I am especially happy to find a good way to store my Papertrey Inc Dies, as some of them are small and you could easily lose them.  I have the canning jar, lid, canning jar label, and canning jar toppers all in the same sleeve and I made sleeves up for a couple of dies that I just ordered.  They should be arriving any day now, so it will be all set up and ready to go when they arrive.  Our next stop was Aldi's, and then Walmart where I finished my grocery shopping.  I do all my grocery shopping once per month, so it is a big project, but then it is all done, and I don't have to mess with it for another month.  Our last stop was the Hong Kong Buffet where we had some yummy stuff.  After dropping Di off, I put away groceries, worked on the making labels for the new storage box, caught up on the computer, and then decided that I would rest, watch some TV, and sort through more magazines.  This was around six o'clock and after I got on the bed, I decided just to watch TV for awhile as I was too tired to turn pages.  I fell asleep after about an hour, and slept almost 2 hours.  I was just waking up when Susie called me around 9pm.  We talked almost an hour, then I got up and started working on "Campaign Move" as I like to call it.  Carol has been bringing me boxes almost every day, and I  sure am going through them.  Tonight I cleaned out 3 cabinets in the kitchen.  I marked 3 boxes of stuff to sell, did dishes, and still need to mark some wine glasses that I washed up.  I just had a sandwich (my supper) at 11:30!  Now I do have to say, I believe that is the latest I have ever eaten supper!  I am not the least bit sleepy, so I will probably be up awhile yet.  Maybe I will go stamp for awhile!  Make it a great Thursday!!!  Elaine

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