Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Towel

Here is a pumpkin towel I stitched today.  This is a pattern that I picked up at Quilt Expo in September, and I picked up the stand that it is on there too.  I bought the stand for displaying small quilts.  I thought it was so adorable, and the towel sure looks cute on it too!  The green towel is one that I picked up yesterday in our travels.  This towel will be going to the booth in the Dells.
Today, Lady Di and I went to church and then she treated me to breakfast at Family Affair.  We decided that I would go over to her house, so she dropped me off and I rounded up some things to do.  Tomorrow we are taking a sweatshirt class that Joann Dickow from Community Quilting is going to teach us at the church.  So I worked on getting my fabric cut for it, and finished ripping apart the sweat shirt.  You take a sweatshirt, and tear it all apart and turn it into a jacket.  Di was watching the football game too.  It was a marathon football day with the Packers playing first and then the Vikings which Di also wanted to watch as she wanted to watch Favre.  We had supper together, I finished stitching this towel and headed home.  I have all the rest of my stuff for tomorrow all packed up and ready to go.  I will just need to make my lunch in the morning.  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Elaine

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  1. Wow you and Lady Di are having so much fun....wish I lived up there so I could join in with some of the fun stuff. Wondering are decorated sweatshirts coming back in vogue? Hate to think how many I made over the years...probably you too. Pumpkin towel is very pretty and a nice fall decoration in ones bathroom or kitchen. One of those "just for looks" kind of towel! Neat stand for little quilts. I am changing over to Pilgrims today as I have a new pair to use this year. Have a great day!