Monday, October 18, 2010

Mason's Baptism

Me, Jenna's Pastor, grandson Mason, daughter's Jenna and Sarah, the girl's father Lennard.

Brother-in-law Mike, sister Lenore, the girl's Uncle John and Aunt Joni Wilson, Jenna and Mason, the girl's dad Lennard and step-mother Heather Wilson, the girl's Aunt Anita and Lester Wilson, and the girl's Uncle David and Aunt Cindy Wilson.

4 Generation's Picture - Grammy Elaine Steffen Wilson, Mason Antonio Dominguez, Mother Jenna Wilson Dominguez, Great-Grandmother Irene Pabst Steffen

Yesterday was Mason's baptism, a very important day for him and for our family.  Jenna was planning his baptism before he was born, and had ordered his little outfit before he arrived and while I was staying there.  Jenna's faith is very important to her and she is already planning that Mason will be attending the Lutheran school that is attached to their church at Mount Olive.  Mason slept through his baptism and was good as gold during church and during his party after wards.  Sarah is Mason's God-mother and Roberto (Antonio's brother) is his God-father.  I don't have any pictures of Antonio and Roberto because as soon as the service was over, they disappeared to the basement to prepare the food.  It was a very nice day with family and friends.  When Colleen and I went to leave, I discovered that the battery was dead on the van because I had left the electric cooler plugged in.  It took me a little while to get a hold of Antonio, but I did and Antonio and his friend Freddy came and jump started the van for me.  We headed back to Madison with stops at Archiver's and Michael's, and then ended the day with dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Colleen had two gift cards that had been given to her 3 or 4 years ago as a gift and they do not have Cracker Barrel any where in Oregon, so we have enjoyed dinner twice this week at Cracker Barrel.  We enjoyed looking through the gift shop, and Colleen was tickled to find Webkins possums!  Both her sister and uncle had possums for pets and she and her mother have been looking for possum items for years and have not been able to find anything.  So she was thrilled to find these, and the clerk that checked her out told us that these are a Cracker Barrel exclusive.  Today we have had a laid back day.  We had lots of visitors today, Sara Ricci, my mom, and Lady Di.  Both of us took naps today, and then I showed her how the Cricut, Dream Cuts machine, Xyron sticker maker, laminator, adhesive, and design runner work.  We only have one more day together and then she will be heading sure has went too fast!

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