Saturday, October 30, 2010

A day to go bumming....

Hello!  I just got back home a little while ago.  Lady Di and I went to the Dells to put stuff in my booth.  It needed straightening up.  The cards were messed up and someone was messing with the tags on the pin cushions.  That always happened at the flea market too so that is nothing new, and they are easy to quick put back together.  After we were done there, we went to Baraboo to the Dollar Tree and found lots of goodies.  Most of them will create more work for me, but I love crafting so it is fun work.  We headed over to our favorite Chinese Buffet and had some great food.  A quick stop at the Memory Bank and then we were on our way home.  It was fun to have time to spend with my partner in crime.  We haven't had much of that, the past few months.  Either one of us or the other has been gone.  So it was fun to have time to spend together today.

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