Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Never Ending Card

Man, is it windy here.  I saw on the news tonight that we are having 50mph winds, and I sure believe it.  It is definitely gusty outside.  I was going to work in the garage this afternoon but decided against it as I was afraid that I might get hit by a flying object.  I dragged a limb off of the driveway when I went out to get the mail.  I got some cleaning done today so am happy about that.  Lady Di was over this afternoon and we had a nice long visit.  She brought me the Ande's chips I had ordered, so I just finished making the thin mint cookies with the Ritz crackers.  I can't wait for the chocolate to harden so I can dig into them!  YUM!  YUM!   I have been stitching on a towel this evening and catching up on some more of my TV programs.  I finally have it up to 12 free hours on the DVR.  I have a long ways to go!  I really got behind on my TV watching the past month!
This is the never ending card that Colleen taught my stamping group while she was here.  They call it never ending because you can just keep flipping and flipping it and there really isn't a start or stop to it.  I consider the panel with the F on it the beginning.  If you flipped it one more time, that is where you would be at again.  It was a fun class, and everyone thought that it was pretty cool.

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