Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mason's 1st birthday party!

 Hello!  Sorry for the long lapse of writing.  I have been in Milwaukee since Friday and just returned this afternoon.  I originally was planning on taking Sarah with me and we were going to stay Friday night, and Saturday  for Mason's birthday party.  But Sarah had a bunch of produce to take care of so she ended up just coming on Saturday for the party and returning home so I left early Friday morning, and I thrift shopped along the way, and found some treasures much to my delight and then stayed for a long visit!  The birthday party was lots of fun with about 60 people I think, and 30 of them were kids.  The high light of the day was the huge Elmo pinata that had cone shaped points.  The kids had a blast trying to break it, and I was teasing my sister that her kids were going to want one for their birthday next year as they had so much fun with this one.  Mason had his own "smash" cake and he ate about half of it.  It took Grammie along time to get him to wind down to go to sleep that night!  LOL  Between all the excitement, and sugar that he ate, he was wound up.  I bet he laid his head down on me 100 times before he went out around 10:30 and I am not exagerating!  He wanted to go to sleep....he just couldn't wind down, with people in and out of the house.  Finally he conked out when it got silent for a moment!

Oh....and guess who got to clean up the little cake eater after he was done!?!?!   Grammie!   And he wasn't a happy camper about it, I think he liked having frosting all over him so he could continue to eat it!  :-D

Isn't the pinata adorable!?!?  Two of the points were already off of it at this point in time.  When Mason and I came out after his "clean up", the kids were swinging away!  And there is a Spanish song that they sing while the kids are swing at it.  I tried to sing along but it was too fast and I couldn't say a lot of the words but it was fun trying.  Afterwards, I asked what they were saying, and it was explained to me that it was like a cheer they said.  I had caught the words Uno, and Trece, and they said that it talks about swinging once, twice, three times you are done.  When they stop singing, the kids are suppose to stop swinging and some one else gets a turn.  And the little kids got to go first, and if someone was swinging too hard, they would raise it up in the air a little bit out of there reach.  It was on a rope.  One of the guys at the party, climbed a tree to get the rope up there and it was wrapped around a branch, kind of like a pulley..

Even Mason rapped at the pinata!  He looked a little puzzled about it at first, but I think he decided it was okay as he had seen others doing it, and because he was in his Papa's arms!   We had lots of good food, lots of fun and laughter!  Mason is saying words now at a rapid pace.  He might not say them again, but he keeps saying new one's each day.  He is so much fun!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Elaine

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