Monday, August 29, 2011

Halloween hair clip

We had a great time at lunch today with the lunch bunch celebrating Mom's birthday.  Jeannette is always a riot....I love her so!  When I was getting ready to leave Family Affair, I spotted another old friend Shirley Hill!  It was so wonderful to see her and we had a nice visit.  I ended up having a 3 or 4 hour nap today....:-(.  The nap was good :-D and I feel very rested, the not so good part is that I didn't get any accomplished in that time period.  I think my body is trying to get caught up on sleep from the Milwaukee trip, as I took a nap yesterday after the flea market too.  I got a few more things marked and added to the "to go" box for the flea market this weekend.  I decided to cut up the left over fabric pieces that I had left from the Halloween bags project, with the Big Shot and the Circles #2 die to make this Halloween hair clip.  A quick fun project.....and you know how I hate to throw ANYTHING away that can be possibly up cycled into something!  Elaine

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