Friday, August 26, 2011

Four more little bibs

A busy day in Mayberry today!  First thing this morning, I went to the Humane Societies rummage sale that was held in the exhibit building in the fair grounds.  I ran into some old friends and had a nice visit with Ruth Petersen.  They had TONS of stuff and I found some treasures.  Then it was back home to do some wheelin' and dealin' on the internet and some sewing to finish this stack of four baby bibs.  This afternoon, I made a trip to the PO to mail out packages, go to the bank, and I went to Pamida to pick up the kitty litter that I had on rain check and a bag a cat food for the cats that was on sale.  So they are all set for awhile!  In Pamida, I ran into Arlene Graham and we chattered for awhile.  I invited her to go to Quilt Expo with us, but I am not sure if she will or not.  If anyone wants to ride along with us, give me a buzz.  We are going on Thursday, Sept 8.  I can fit 8 in the van and we all split the gas and parking costs.
Then it was off to the library to pick up the library scrapbook as I plan on doing a lot of work on it this month.  I really like the new librarian.  He is a very nice man.  And has some great ideas.

It looks like the weather will be great this weekend.  Stop down and see me at the flea market!  Elaine

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